Where can synthetic turf be installed?

Virtually anywhere that natural grass is able to grow! It can also be installed in any area that natural grass can't grow (ex: desert areas and extreme cold climates)! All you need is a fairly level surface with a porous base that will allow the rainwater to seep into the ground through the perforated holes in the backing of the lawn grass. Since most of the rainwater drains directly through the turf, it is not necessary to "crown" your surface.

What holds the turf down?

The turfs own weight will usually be enough (approx 1/2 lb per sq ft), but some infill is required to help the fibers stand up naturally to help prevent "matting", and this infill will additionally assist in weighing the turf down so it doesn't shift or move. We use sand, as rubber tends to draw in heat and in turn increase the temperature of the turf.

How long will my synthetic turf last?

Our turf is assembled using the finest UV treated polyethylene, water resistant fibers. Our turf carries an 16 year limited warranty against excessive wear, fading, and sun. With basic customer care and the application of our annual UV enhancement treatment, your turf can last 10 years or more.

How do you keep ythe synthetic clean? Leaves/Pets, etc...

It's simple, just like regular grass. Use a rake or blower to clean up the leaves. To remove animal feces, you can just scoop it up and wash the area with a garden hose, just like you should with real grass. Urine flows through just like rainwater. Synthetic turf makes a great dog run area! With every turf purchase we will send along an "Owners Manual" to help you keep your new synthetic yard looking good throughout its life.

What happens when it rains or snows?

During the manufacturing process, our turf is specifically perforated with holes engineered to accommodate the normal drainage requirements of rainstorms and snowstorms. The water simply drains through the small drainage holes into the Earth. The sand infill will help to absorb and hold the water which will eventually drain through. During heavy rains some water will run off the top of the surface just as it would with natural grass or dirt. This actually is a big advantage over rock, since the infill will allow for evaporation, while the perforated holes allow for vertical drainage, compared to that of rock alone.

What about Mold & Flammability?

Fire: Generally speaking, the turf is much less flammable than live natural grass (and many times less flammable than dead natural grass). The sand and rubber infill also helps to prevent a fire from spreading, and can often extinguish a fire.
Mold: Natural grass will support the growth of mold more than synthetic grass.

Why should I install a synthetic lawn?

Real grass lawns are not only expensive, but they require irrigation and weekly maintenance, such as: mowing, watering, fertilizing, thatching, weeding, edging, chemical pesticides, and winter over-seeding. Synthetic turf lawns save you these expenses and hassles!

Can you walk on the synthetic turf?

Yes, of course, just like any real grass yard. Our special shock absorbing backing, coupled with the spring action memory designed fiber, makes our turf surface very resilient. Our fibers are strong, smooth, soft, and forgiving.

Can your kids play on the synthetic turf?

Yes, just like a real lawn, but whether the grass is real or synthetic, safety when children are playing should be everyone's first concern. Although the synthetic turf may feel and seem softer than real grass; we are not marketing this product for safety issues, but for the beauty and maintenance savings issues of synthetic turf compared to that of real grass.

Is the synthetic turf the same style synthetic turf that you see installed on patios, as indoor/outdoor carpet?

No, absolutely not. Indoor/outdoor turf is usually installed as a glue down on a cement pad and their fibers are short and not very dense. This style of turf grass does not look very realistic; it is shiny and does not last very long in hostile climates. Our product looks and feels like real grass!!!